Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Not only did we have the entire week off from school but it hasn't stopped snowing all day (Saturday, Dec. 20). Here are a few pictures of the kids playing.

Christmas 2008

We have been snowed in all week so I decided to create a family blog (with Scotty's help). As I sit here writing it is currently snowing and adding to the 4 inches already on the ground.

Merry Christmas to you and your family. This year has been such a fun year for our family. We have lived in our house for a year now and we love it.

Zach is in the 5th grade and still doing all sorts of sports. He is still that sweet boy but he sure is growing up. I am not ready to teach him next year but it will be fun. He loves snowboarding, Rock Band on the wii, basketball, football, baseball, trampoline, AWANA, ping pong and hanging out with friends. He learned how to roll and frost cookies this break. He still loves to hug and share silly jokes.

Shawnie is our 3rd grade craft girl. She does all sorts of paintings, drawings and writings. She loves sports as much as her brother and gets to play basketball this year with her dad as her coach. (I do help out a bit.) She loves soccer, AWANA and softball too. She is our bundle of energy and such a light. She loves animals and is hoping for a kitten for Christmas. She baby sits our friend’s dog and she loves it. We even got our first pedicure together over thanksgiving. It is fun having a girl.

Tyler is our 5 year old funny boy. He makes everyone smile. He loves preschool and was a Shepard in his preschool program. The “main Shepard” he says. Tyler tries to keep up with his brother and sister. He is an artist too. He loves to color, paint and create. He also loves football, Lego’s, Star Wars and the DS (video game). He will tackle anyone that comes by him. He still looks like his daddy which makes him very cute.

This summer we got to go to Minnesota to my cousins wedding. The kids had a blast flying and going to the Mall of America. We also headed to Silverwood (our favorite place) with friends. We also became farmers this summer. We got goats, cows and planted a garden. It has been fun for the kids. This spring break we are heading to Palm Springs for the first time and already excited about the sun.

Scotty is still teaching health and PE at the High School and continues to enjoy it. He coaches track, Zach’s football and basketball, and Shawnie’s basketball. It keeps him busy year round but he loves it. He is now busy with our first duplex that we got with my sister and brother in law. He also started teaching the High School Sunday School class at our church. He still runs a lot and enjoys races. He recently started building things and it is fun to see the birdhouses he makes. Scotty and Zach did fly to North Carolina to watch the Carolina Panthers NFL football team. Dante Rosario, a former Dayton student, plays tight end for the Panthers. Scotty and Zach got to meet some of the other players and went out to eat with Dante and Brady Leaf after the game. The had a wonderful time and Scotty wants to take the whole family next year. I even let Scotty get the NFL Sunday Ticket so we can watch all of Dante’s games.

I love being a mom and experiencing the stage of life that our kids are in. I love teaching 6th grade and doing craft clubs. Painting is a new hobby this year. Bible studies and praying with other Mom’s is fun for me too. I do get to help coach Shawnie’s soccer team. I did do a triathlon again this year. Hopefully I will walk/run another race.

We loved having Scotty’s family here for Thanksgiving. Ronnie is doing pretty well right now and that is nice. We keep praying for him. God bless you all this year and have a Merry Christmas. Enjoy the snow as long as it is here. Remember our Savior that was born this Christmas!!
Love the Spink Family